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A pending policy change in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District would dramatically alter the way The Spoke operates and would lead to censorship. It is apparent that the district and school board have grown increasingly unhappy with The Spoke’s content over the past year, and are trying to implement a system of prior review on the newspaper. From both a legal and an educational perspective, we find this unacceptable. READ MORE

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    -The Spoke Award winning newspaper of Conestoga Daily updated breaking news

    -Awards State and national recognition for The Spoke

    -Special Reports Nationally recognized reporting

Policy proposal...

    -Current policy

    -Proposed policy and regulation

    -8/27 Updated proposed policy and regulation

    -9/26 Updated proposed policy

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    -Journalism Education Association on Prior Review

        Nation’s largest organization for scholastic journalism

        teachers condemns prior review--which is being

        proposed in T/E



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Write to the school board and district and express your views on The Spoke.


-Student Press Law Center 7/16/2009

-Main Line Media News 7/8/2009

-Cape Cod Times 7/3/2009

-SPLC Podcast July 2009

The Spoke honored with

state, national recognition

For its writing, reporting, design, photography, cartooning, the work of its co-adviser and its business operations, The Spoke has been honored with dozens of prestigious state and national recognitions. Click here for more.

<The stories at left are all finalists for the National Story of the Year. Click each for more.

Sept. 26: Statement on the School Board’s review of Policy and Regulation 5332, Student Publications. Click here.


Students awarded for defense of First Amendment

Friends of The Spoke founders Henry Rome and Seth Zweifler have been awarded the Student Press Law Center’s “Courage in Student Journalism” award for their work in defending student press rights at Conestoga. More from: The Spoke | SPLC Press Release